Daddy is my King!!

Maybe you think I haven’t known him long enough, its only been almost 3 months. But there is something about my Daddy. Its hard to explain. Just when I think he can’t outdo himself, he proves me wrong, makes me feel safe and protected, so cared for. As his kitten I love to just snuggle up next to him. Hear his heart beating,we are just in the moment, Daddy’s big ,strong arms around me. He only came over to cuddle,but we would wind up having sex. And why not, we are good at it! Daddy was mad about a few things I did this week, so to teach me a lesson Daddy decided that while he had me hold my orgasm, he would put a torturous toy on my clit and fuck away. Within seconds I needed to have some kind of release. Waiting for Daddy’s OK is so hard, feels like forever. When he finally gives the command to let me orgasm I explode all over, inside and out. I am so wet, my stomach hurts from cumming so hard and so much all at one time, the waves going through my body are one after another. I can’t stop it, no break from it. Daddy makes me stay in position so he has complete control of my clit. My body can’t stop it,  I’m am bucking at Daddy’s cock so hard and so much  that Daddy is having a fun time too. He loves having complete control of me. Even Daddy got off (twice). Daddy has this way of making a fun time of sex, the most incredible time we have together. Just when I think sex is great, it couldn’t get any better between us. Daddy shows me just how both of us love sex. And we are just barely getting started at 3 months together. Thank you Daddy. Even when he is teaching me a lesson, he is still fair, direct, and concise.I have so much more respect for him. I always want to behave so Daddy knows how much I care for him , but my bratty side gets her way. I did pay for the toy thing! Daddy told me to buy a Hitachi. I did not buy exactly what he said. I bought something similar like it ,but Daddy does like a great joke, only this wasn’t that funny to him. 😦
Daddy definitely paid me back for making him mad….

While I’m here talking about this man I care so much about. No one has ever made me feel the way he does. No one has ever taken such control that my whole body comes alive. No one has ever made me orgasm so hard or so many times in a row. I don’t know how he does it, but I’m glad he does! I’m so thankful he picked to be his slave,sub,Babygirl,kitten. My Daddy is King!


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