When things go wrong

So, over the weekend I came across something from an ex girlfriends’ of Daddy. I blew it up in my mind. My mind was going through so many thoughts, about  (does Daddy care about me, does he still care about her, does Daddy know how much this bugs me). Whether I like it or not, both Daddy and I have a past. Yes, old girlfriend does love him still, always might. I guess I can’t blame her, he’s an amazing Daddy. But HES MY DADDY.  So, I went off the deep end 😦  had some alcohol, which is against my rules. I’m in trouble, which didn’t seem to bother me so much at 2:30 am. It does now, since he has let me know he understands my point of view, but I broke one of my rules.
Looking forward to that…not… Daddy is a complete 100% sadist. My Daddy could actually win awards for his evil mind and how twisted he can make things for me. 
For example, a recent punishment was him putting a toy on my clit til I was begging for mercy. Granted mercy never came, but I sure did, over and over, for as long as he desired. It was hot to him, so hot to watch what I was going through, that once Daddy was fucking me he came twice, which is rare.
As of right now he , Daddy, wrote out a list of things he would like to do to me. I get the damn mind fuck of wondering which one will it be?? Or will he combine a few, or is the whole list to be applied. See , awful mind fuck. But then no one ever accused Daddy of being fair.
For now, I wait. Til he arrives and puts me through which torture he wishes to put me through. Maybe Daddy will have some mercy this time? I mean he does find me cute and adorable, its not likely to happen. So if you never hear from me again, feed my fish please. Maybe even hide me from Daddy!!!


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