His good girl

My Daddy means a lot to me. I always strive to be his good girl. I have a small problem though, I’m a bit of a brat. Only slightly though! Daddy doesn’t believe that either. My Daddy has my full submission, I follow the rules he has set for me, well I try hard to. I have a wild side that goes for miles so I do hope Daddy doesn’t find it hard to reel that wild side in. When I’m standing or kneeling before him, I realize his strength. The mere power he exerts over me. I look at him and I cannot hold his gaze, I understand in that moment just how powerful my Daddy is.  He expects me to follow my rules that he deemed important. He expects me to wear a collar when going anywhere so anyone knows I belong to him. He expects me to tell him throughout the day where I am going, so he knows I’m safe.
  Then it hits me,when I am before him I breathe ,as he let’s me. I make minimal decisions in my life , as he let’s me. I get to be my with friends and have fun, as he let’s me. I get to have time with Daddy, as he let’s me. I get to orgasm, as he let’s me. I get to shop, as he let’s me.
  There is something so safe and reverent about how my Daddy is with me. I know I can be a handful, but Daddy has just laughed it off, where others before wouldn’t dare tread. I had believed for so long that I was the one broken, and to much of a brat to handle. Who knew all that time that it wasn’t me but each Dom I picked wasn’t right for me, at least til now. My Daddy does a great job of listening to my concerns, helping me make decisions by motivating me. How on earth will I find a way to show him just how thankful I am. I have no idea, but as long as he allows me the privilege of being his and by his side, I get the honor of finding a way to make sure he knows just how important he really is to me. How much I do care for him. How much I want him to be safe and protected. How much I really do adore my Daddy.
  I think I’m the luckiest babygirl  in the whole world. Thank you Daddy, so much , for all you do!

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