3 month anniversary

Today is very special to me, my Daddy and I have been together for 3 months! For me this is a big deal, to have any man capture my attention is rare, but for a Daddy to keep my attention and still have me begging for more, well normally I would say ‘ it will never happen’ , but it has. I want from Daddy, all he will allow me to have.
  He has been exciting, kept my attention, I’m still not quite sure how he did that? He makes me feel important, cared for.
  When Daddy and I first met , well he was never like any other guy, never ordinary, different from other dominants that I had met. He asked 2 things of me the moment we met. 1. Stop talking to all other men, so I had a real chance to get to know him.  2. Don’t sleep with anyone else.
  At first, I wondered why such strange requests to make? But then within a few weeks there was not lots of idol conversation with men I really wasn’t interested in. Plus I hadn’t agreed to meet any of them, so there was no sex going on. Which these 2 requests did help me focus on getting to know Daddy.  He really did know what he was asking, he did not want me to treat him like every other man. So I don’t. I’m very happy about that. I’m very happy!!
  One thing I do know is that Daddy means so much to me. There is something I want to tell him, but I’m in no rush, it will happen as its suppose to happen. If that feeling is still as strong when I’m ready to tell him, as it is now, then I will know that its true! Plus I won’t hyperventilate about it, it will be the right time! With My Daddy. How did I get so lucky?!!!

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