Our night together

Our night started as any other. Just the two of us. The moment I see him, I just want him on me, near me, inside me. He never fails or disappoints. Its like he’s reading my mind and body. One touch from him can set my skin on fire. I want more, my lust for him is so strong. He’s the constant gentleman, who will have his way. I hate when he’s gone, but I know he is still nearby, caring for my safety and concerns. He knows me well enough that I can push him away in one breath, and be his kitten curled up in his lap the next. I don’t ever want him to leave my side, but Daddy is busy, and the time I get with him is very precious to me indeed. I cannot help but love how he is with me. He calls me on my crap, he’s fair when he needs to be, but its not all the time. He’s caring and supportive, but will yell at me to get back in line quickly. I don’t forget my place. Which is two steps behind him, beside him, or in his embrace. He owns my submission and my heart. I want for nothing, just more time with my him, my powerful King.
He who can own my heart, my love, my submission, rules this babygirl. He is all I long for. To be his, to have him in my bed, next to me, breathing his hot breath on my neck, his arm around my waist, both of us asleep. It is the sweetest rest I have ever known.

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