I told him I’m in love with him

It was the first time I have said those words to anyone ,in a long time. I knew for weeks now it was exactly what I wanted to say. I want him more, each time we are together. I haven’t told him that. I knew soon after meeting him that I wanted him in my life. My feelings for him haven’t changed, but have only gotten stronger. Am I scared to death of getting hurt, yes. For some reason I don’t think he wants to hurt me, I don’t want to hurt him either. I do try my hardest to get my way, which he see’s through every time, and refuses that. He is fully in charge, that excites and pleases me, past Doms were weak, eventually gave in and let me do what I wanted, when I wanted. They couldn’t be true to who they said they were, a Dom. But my Daddy, my Dom, my Master, my King has given me hope that he will not give me my way, he’s has complete control. Truth be told, that’s all I ever wanted. I want him to stay in my life, let me love and adore him. Treat him as a King should be treated. It is an honor to be called his, to be able to kneel before him. I do honestly love him, truly, madly, deeply.


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