I really really really want my way

Is that really news to anyone? I mean come on I’m a babygirl. There isn’t a darn one of us that doesn’t try to curl our Daddy around our finger, and sort of hope we get to be in charge! Mind you this sort of thinking won’t work if you’ve got yourself a sadist.

What is a sadist you ask? Great question, happy to answer. He is the one who crushes my dreams of shopping all day, won’t let me eat junk food , won’t let me have my Pepsi, won’t let me fuck him all time, everyday, all day long. Wants me to be mature, knows I’m a dork, knows I have this wild side so I now can’t drink lots and lots of alcohol and party my ass off ( umm hello I don’t do tea parties)I will however dance on the table, lose my clothes kind of girl. He wants me to be respectful, follow protocol, wear my collar, not show so much cleavage, go to the gym and help my blood pressure and meet the goal I set for myself, have self control around chocolate, cherish each day , love the people in my life, be a great mom to my kids, care about him in ways that are fun and dirty, miss him when he’s gone, when I piss him off NOT photo bomb him to piss him off further, accept my punishments , I did earn all those mother fuckers 😦  be kind, follow my rules, be responsible, when not with him make him proud that I am his, he takes all out fun out of it when I see something in a store that I was living without and had no idea ,so I have to ask him for it ,upon which he says NO sometimes. If I ask for more clothes he asks why, and then might not say yes to the purchase. He smiles when he knows I bought something I really really had to have then incriminate myself by asking if I can keep it,and I forgot I took the stupid pic at home, (duh ,he stays the night and knows what my room looks like.) I have tried to fool him, but he’s always 2 steps ahead of me. How do I not win more? Oh yeah, he may be smarter than me ( didn’t know such a man existed, I do now). When he just does that evil laugh when I’m up to something and I finally figured out he was racking up punishments( my poor ass, its the part of me that pays when my brain has great ideas, and my bratty side says ‘ yeah, let’s do that!’). So not fair. Oh yeah, he’s not always fair. I made the mistake recently of letting it slip that he is never fair, but that’s not true. He’s just not fair when I want something ( clothes,shoes,perfume,junk food, Pepsi, makeup, anything else I see or want, getting out of the gym). He will want the impossible ( for me to be good).

These don’t sound like big deals to you, but I’m a brat, and I Want My Way, I just don’t get to have my way: (

Sure , take his side…


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