It took so long to find you

When I wonder why you matter so much to , I then realize how long it took to find you. I am one of those people who knew what they were looking for, and you fit that perfectly. I didn’t settle for just anyone. I didn’t change the mental picture of what I wanted. I did not romanticize things about you so you fit the picture. I saw who you were, and that connection in my soul just pushed me to you. I didn’t make anything happen.
Three months later I still want you as much as that first day. You are in my thoughts, on my mind, a part of me in a way I cannot explain. I have tried to be rational and make it stop, It has not. It won’t, its real. Which has led me to believe, that I am with the person I am supposed to be with.
No matter what your name, be it Daddy, Dom, Master, lover, friend, My King,  you are the one I cherish and hold in my heart.  You are the one I picture in my life as I follow my path.
Yes, I have noticed that when I stumble on my path, your strong arms pick me back up place me on my feet, and you point the way. Even when I feel no energy to go on, you will convince to move forward. I have tried to stomp my feet and flat out refuse to be on this path, which was futile, as you stood before me with arms crossed, and belt in hand , to firmly and lovingly not let me stay put. You see my weaknesses and show me a better way, you see my heart and how its been crushed and you picked it up and started gluing it back together. You see the puzzle that is me and my scattered pieces, and you didn’t leave me undone. You see the real me, who can be insecure, playful,bratty, and only want fun, but you don’t let it sidetrack you.  In fact you put me by your side, grabbed me by the hand and looked me in the eye and said ‘ ready?’
I am ready!, you own my heart, my mind, my body , and my soul, my submission. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot deny it any longer.
If this is my life in just 3 months with you, what will it be like in 3 more?, a year?, several years? I’m willing to find out.
It won’t be easy, I am a pain in the ass. He knows it! And yet he wakes every morning smiles and says to himself  ‘she’s my pain in the ass!’
Yes, that’s right , I’m am  fully, and unconditionally His. Whatever he asks of me , I do it with a happy heart, as he has never acted once like I am to difficult to handle.
I am always afraid I will lose him. Well how did I get so lucky, blessed, or the many other words I can put here. How did I finally win in life? And get everything I ever wished for?! I have no idea , all I know is that I wake up daily, and say to the universe ‘ Thank You for my Daddy’ . I have decided rather than to be afraid of losing him , to just enjoy each day as they come. Be thankful for having him in my life. And show him all the ways I want to spoil him, like he spoils me. Things money cannot buy mean the most to me!
I am truly the happiest Babygirl ever. And if any sub,slave,babygirl thinks they have better than my Daddy, I accept that challenge, as I know yours will fail in comparison. Sorry, but I got the best one of them all. I got picked to be the winner this time, I’m a very lucky Babygirl. His babygirl!

I love my life with him, I love me more because of him, I love everything in the world because he has made me happy in ways I can’t explain. I love him!

Someone pinch me, I think I’m dreaming this beautiful life. Second thought forget it, if this is only a dream I don’t want to wake up, its the best I’ve ever had! As I get to share with the world how happy I am!! Ok, maybe not the world,yet,  but twitter, Facebook, people who just randomly follow my blog:)

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