He takes my breath away

When I miss him, all I have to do is close my eyes, I see him perfectly in my mind. His eyes, his smile, I can imagine his soft caress on my skin, the way only he can run his fingers over my skin and goose bumps appear. In that moment , my breath becomes shallow, I’m moist between my legs, my breasts long for his mouth to soothe their ache as well. As he has his hands all over my body, from opening my legs so he can see what is his, to telling me to turn around, so he can feel my ass that longs for his hit and soft caress. When he feeds my body pain ,its the ultimate pleasure and pain sensation that I have ever felt. With each hit , my breath stops, and slowly starts again. My skin cries out for more, I just can’t get enough of him. Down between my legs , my clit is swollen and longs to be touched by his strong hands. As he starts to play there, my legs shake and open further more. Its something that cannot be explained. I don’t want him to stop, as these waves go through my body of the most intense pleasure as I get more wet. Only for him. I can hardly wait til he slides his huge, hard cock into my naughty places. My mind is racing a million miles a hr. I want him to choke me, take me, make me do all kinds of dirty and perverted things to him as He does to me. The waves are still coming over and over. He loves to be in charge of my orgasms ,they belong to him. Which makes it all the more frustrating and exciting. I get so close to letting my body go, and he makes me wait til he’s cumming with me sometimes, others its just Daddy pumping his cock into me hard and swift, oh fuck yes! There is nothing hotter than that. Daddy will ask me if I want him to cum there, not this time Daddy. Please put it in me ,but in another naughty place! He will turn me around quickly, put me in position. Slide into my ass, his huge cock is sometimes hard to take but I love the pain, my reward for being Daddy’s good girl is him cumming in my ass. Ohhhh myyy goddd, Daddy made me cum from that way too, and if I’m in a position that he can get to my clit as well, he makes me cum more and more. I think his goal most times we are together is to make my body crave him. It works. I can’t get enough of my Daddy. Believe it or not, that if Daddy didn’t care about me, and treat me like his sexy kitten I could never cherish our moment’s like these. It would just be dirty sex. But not with Daddy. He owns my body, and takes great care of what is his. Once Daddy has to go, immediately my body goes into a frenzy of wanting more… That’s when I want to beg Daddy to come back and do it all over again. Don’t stop Daddy, ever.

If this is what I remember when I close my eyes because I miss him, you can only imagine how hot it is between us when we are together, its even more hotter and intense! I am the luckiest babygirl!


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