Let’s play a game Daddy!!

Your kitten is feeling playful Daddy. As I’m dressed in a sexy school girl skirt, revealing top so you can see my breasts, knee high socks, heels, and  oh yeah and the cherry on top for Daddy, ponytails!!

I want Daddy to sit in a chair, there is music on, something hot that bumps. I am on my knees , across the room. I start to crawl to you Daddy, there is a collar on my neck with a leash attached, so He can have a hold of His kitten. As I approach Daddy, I hand him the leash, slowly start to climb to my feet. I shake my breasts near his face, close enough that He could reach out and bite. No biting Daddy. Well not yet! As I move my hips side to side to beat of the music, Daddy’s in a trance like state. Fun! I turn around and undo the top , and throw it to the ground. I want to drive Daddy crazy with pleasure so I rub my ass on his cock , which is stuck in his jeans , for now. Daddy reaches for me, uh huh Daddy, no touching,yet. I bend over so Daddy can see my whole ass , and slide that skirt down to my ankles, hold onto Daddy and slip out of that skirt. Shake my ass some more for Daddy. Now naked except for the heels, and socks. As I go behind Daddy, and rub my breasts on his back. I pick up Daddy’s shirt and lift it off, throw it to the floor. Why should I be the only one naked? I go back to Daddy’s full view and this time the tip of the heel between Daddy’s legs, still moving my hips. I take Daddy’s hand , place a finger in my mouth and suck on it, and then run his hand on my body. Oh yeah Daddy, I want you to touch my all over. I’m your naughty girl! Your sexy kitten. I’m hot and horny. Daddy is off the chair in minutes, grabs hard on the leash around my neck and directs me the floor in front of him. He wants me to free his cock from his jeans, Daddy runs his hand on my cheek, calls me ‘ good girl’ and within moments I know what my Daddy is needing. I put his cock in my mouth, and suck my Daddy off. If Daddy wants me to stop, then stop me Daddy. He pulls my head up by my hair. Daddy stands, and has me crawl to the bed in the room. He puts out his hand to help me up. He chains me to the bed, pushes my head down, and takes me from behind. I cannot get enough, please Daddy more. Don’t stop. As I feel the need cum, I start to ask Daddy if I can, he puts his mouth near my ear, says
‘No kitten, not yet’
I am forced to hold my orgasm.that is so hard to do, while Daddy is still fucking me. I am careful to do as he wishes. He makes me wait , so we can cum together. Once he is ready, he tells me ‘ cum now’ and I do on command, so does Daddy. We are both moaning, as waves that crash through our bodies at the same time. Its an incredible feeling. I can only wonder what our next time together will hold. My Daddy is incredible!


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