About last night

So, my Daddy let me know he would be over soon. I knew what was coming, or at least had an idea. I had a mixture of feelings, from yeah I get to see my Daddy, to oh fuck, Daddy will be here soon. I await with bated breath.
I hear his knock, i know I should want to open the door, and part of me does, but my ass is tightening up, I know once the excitement of Daddy being here wears off, its my ass. To open the door or not. That is the question. Since he knows I’m on the other side of the door, I should just make piece with the wrath of Daddy. I open the door. His eyes, his body just melt me once I see him. The Babygirl in me just wants Daddy. After a few mins with Daddy he’s already pulling me into position ,where he knows I missed him, and he missed me, he’s not taking my shit. Within moments he’s pulling my shorts off, he loves my ass, can’t help but touch it. Well it does belong to him. My shorts are off, panties drop to the floor, he’s moved me where/how he wants me, a few hits with his strong hands and then i hear the sound I dread most, his belt coming off his jeans. Oh Fuck,I know what’s coming. Oh fuck, oh fuck,oh fuck. I hold my breath, and tighten my body and the first hit lands across my ass. I am off that bed quickly, and he pushes me back down. I know he doesn’t want me to move, but every blow to my ass hurts like hell. My body hasn’t kicked in the endorphins yet. Fuck you body, bring it now. The first wave of  endorphins comes through. Oh dear god numb my body, it does. Which makes my pain level go from 100 to about 69. As more come through with each hit, I’m at 52, then 45. Oh damn. He knows how to make it all sting my ass too. Did he take a class or something? 50 ways to make your sub feel like her flesh is being ripped from the bone. I know its a secret . He gives me a few small breaks in between hits.

Daddy tells me to turn around. Which means he hit me as long as he could handle,  but now he’s got to fuck me like only he can do. Oh yes Daddy. Or should I be excited at all. Remember, he’s still mad. Oh fuck, this is not like regular sex, where its just hot and dirty. He’s got torture in mind. Pussy torture. He takes my toy out of the drawer, and twists the end, all you hear is the vibration. All I want to do is yell out. ” No Daddy” . but that would make things worse. Plus he would just look at me ,like what the fuck did you just say babygirl.
I say nothing, I know how this goes. Just open my legs for Daddy, he does as he pleases. He puts the damn toy right on my clit and watches my body go crazy. Eyes go back in my head, can’t take a deep breath, much less know my damn name. He slides into me, and keeps the toy right on my clit. Make it stop, I can’t breathe, the waves are crashing through my body. The one thing about Daddy, is my body is his, he does as he wants , at all times. He refuses to let me disconnect so I can go somewhere mentally and let my body go, he doesn’t allow it. He makes this so hard on me. Plus he knows my sex drive never stops.

As Daddy keeps pumping into me, I can hardly stop from wanting to cum. I can only put it off in my mind for so long , and then I have to let it go. My body brings it on fast and hard, I’m moving so much to try to get that toy off my clit. He makes me stop moving and take it. I don’t want to, now for the first wave of my body needing a release. I have to ask Daddy, and see if he will let me come, to my surprise, since he was very mad, he let’s me cum, and the first wave goes on and on. I need to cum again before I think my body is ready again, I have to ask before I let it go. Which was almost to late, but I’m not about to piss him off. But with that toy on my clit it is making me worse, second by second. I need him to answer me quickly, please answer quickly Daddy, please. I need to cum. I cum over and over. Daddy is still inside of me. I need sex with Daddy, but hate that toy. Daddy, all by himself, knows how to get me off. The toy is just torture.  Daddy slides out and decides to go in my ass. The one thing about Daddy is that he knows I love anal, but he has a huge cock, and damn each time we do it, I find it hard to relax and let him in. I try. He eventually plays with my clit to get me going again, it works, while I’m having another orgasm,he slides right in. It still hurts, but when I’m cumming,so I don’t care. Finally Daddy is in all the way! And starts pumping my ass, damn I like that. Daddy makes it feel so good. Then he gets me to cum while he’s in my ass. I move my legs together, I don’t think I can handle more. Daddy is looking at me, he’s not happy, he says;
” spread your legs”. Immediately, upon hearing those words come out of his mouth, it gets me going. Something hot about Daddy taking what is his. I open my legs for Daddy, do as commands. I want whatever he will give me. It feels so good, I know he might be mad at me, but fuck my Daddy is hot and sexy. I want to be fucked hard, and Daddy always delivers!!

Daddy slides out, and grabs me, tells me to turn around, he’s not done beating my ass. I get a choice, take the rest of it now, or the next day. I answer, “now”. So, Daddy goes back to beating my ass, but this time adds in a crop. Fuck that stings. I try not to pay attn and tighten my body to take more, its almost like Daddy knows when I try to check out. He won’t let me ,again. I have to answer him. Can you repeat that question? Is all I want to say, he does repeat it. I am able to answer him. How does not understand that I came so much and so hard that I need to check out. Why does he get his way? Oh yeah, he’s the Dom! Do I ever get to be in charge? I think I know the answer to that one. Lol, never.
Once Daddy is done I get aftercare, and he holds me, kisses me, let’s me know he’s happy that I’m his. He’s such a good Daddy, even when I’m in trouble. Is it possible for me to stay out of trouble? The world and Daddy may never know 🙂

I did get to see my Daddy today, not for long, but I did get to see his blue eyes, that perfect smile, us laugh together and talk! Which he has told me he has plans for collaring me. Dom’s in my past brought that up, I would shoot that idea down. This Daddy Dom looks at that , not as a challenge, but that I don’t get the choice in telling him I don’t want to be collared. So, I can only guess that sometime in my future it will be happening.

Life is good, my Daddy is so sexy, damn I’m horny again! Big surprise there. I need my Daddy!


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