Whistles while he works

Yes Daddy, came over tonight, I missed him so much. I felt so safe the moment he held me. My Daddy is like my very own teddy bear! Sadist, but a teddy bear nonetheless.

So, while Daddy is beating my ass, reminding me of why I ticked him off. I did tick him off one more time. But recently I felt something change.I couldn’t tell if it was bad or good. After processing it, I realized it was good. We hit that 3 month mark, and things for me, well they felt deeper, and that scared me. I do  want him more. I want to know how he’s doing when he’s away from me. I want to see him more, but I know we are busy. But I’m patient. I care about him so much. When I get to spend time with him , I feel like the luckiest babygirl in the world.

After he fucked me hard, had me cumming over and over again. Damn he’s good at that! He went back to beating my ass. He started singing one of my favorite songs! and my thought was,’ I am so happy’ , in pain,but happy. Then he was whistling while he worked, and I was grinning to myself. Then he was humming. My Daddy excites every part of me, even while delivering pain. He even helped me clear my head so I can process real life, thank you Daddy.

As of right now, I miss my Daddy again. I am a very happy babygirl. I so enjoy my Daddy. And then my Daddy was so sweet, he got me a present, a very pretty necklace! He makes me feel like the only girl in the world! He spoils me in ways that money cannot buy, all the time, but to get me a gift that made me feel so special. He has no idea what his gift means to me.

When my Daddy is by my side, I feel the world is as it should be.

Thank you Daddy, not just for your time, or my necklace, or even all you do for me, but for picking me to be yours. I hope you  can tell how happy I am, I also hope you are just as happy.

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