Can’t sleep

Daddy said I can play! So, I decide to take full advantage. I am horny as hell. I would much rather fuck daddy, but that’s not an option this minute. Daddy does like using my toy for torture, although I noticed when I’m ready to cum it feels so good! So I bring myself to that point several times. Omg! If I close my eyes, its like Daddy is with me,sort of. Anything to keep my mind busy, but when I’m horny, the thoughts are all about Daddy.

So , I’m about to cum and all I hear in my head is Daddy, that pushes me over the edge. Oh fuck!! Waves over and over. Then its happening again. Yes! It then hits me that Daddy uses this fun toy for torture. I then turn it up all the way and see what it can do. All the way up ,was so damn intense I was cumming over and over, even when I moved it off my clit, my clit was still feeling funny for a while. Safe to assume, I don’t need that toy on full blast!

If I use it for good and Daddy uses for evil, then how does my body separate the two? I don’t think it does. Cumming is cumming, good or bad. The toy is just a toy. My body responds the same whether its for fun, or whether its for punishment. Now the thought did cross my mind that if I keep playing the way Daddy does, maybe it won’t be so torturous anymore. Might have to work on that!

Synopsis: The toy got me off, but I need Daddy and his cock. After sex Daddy holds me, talks to me. He kisses me, caresses me. This stupid toy did none of that . Daddy 10/ Toy 1


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