My kids think Mom’s gone crazy

I have actually lost 2 of my kids in stores. My kids love telling this story. It wasn’t my fault, ok sort of, but that’s all I’m agreeing to.

When my oldest son was 5 years old we were in a dollar store, he asked to go look at the toys. It seemed safe enough, there are only 4 aisles , so I said sure. Stay at the toys, not to go anywhere else. He happily walked away. I started down the first aisle. This was one of those dollar stores ran by a Korean family, not the big chain stores. I headed down another aisle, I hear a child crying in the distance, no thought to who’s child it could be. Til I hear this man in a very strong accent ask the child, ” where your mama?” I’m still not paying attention that this could be my own demon spawn. Much to my surprise, it was my child. Now I’m getting these dirty ass looks from this man, his wife, daughter ,and some ancient lady.  When I get to my son, I do feel sympathetic ,sort of. I look at him, and my response is;
” There were only 4 aisles.” As he is wiping tears from his eyes,
I ask ; ” What happened
He says, ” I couldn’t see you”
I decide to leave the store since my 5 year old is so unhappy that he lost me.

We didn’t return to the dollar store for about a month. I needed a few things, figured a quick trip couldn’t hurt.I should be in and out.
My lovely 5 year old asks me if he may go look at the toys. I am a little reluctant , but I figure I only needed 3 things nothing should happen. I let him go.
I start down the aisles looking for the 3 things I need. Again, I hear a child crying. Oh no he didn’t, and low and behold the man with the heavy Korean accent is asking this child,
” Where your mama?”
Now I’m pissed, I grab my 1 yr old and go get that son of mine.I did think about leaving him there, the thought did cross my mind. I see my 5 year old, near the toys, crying, again. As I approach my son, the Korean family is shaking their heads at me, like I abandoned him. I take my son by the hand, and walk out of the store. I hold my irritation back.I wait for my sobbing child to gain control of himself.
I calmly ask, ” Why didn’t you look for me, they only have 4 aisles”
He had nothing to say, we didn’t talk about it again. I decided then I would never go back in, ever again.

Its now 4 months later, against my better judgment I decided to go into the now infamous dollar store, with kids in tow, I head into the store. My 5 year old looks at me, I see his mouth open, before he utters one word, I cut him off. I say, in the most stern mom tone ever:
” Don’t even make those words come out of your mouth,  dont say a word. there are only 4 aisles, not today, not again, hell no”
He keeps his mouth shut. Stays by my side while I look for what I need. I’m feeling good about myself, my son is by my side, I can’t lose him today. I hear crying again. I look at my son, smile to myself, my son is right here next to me, its not my problem this time.I continue going down the aisles and shopping. Then it hits me, oh no.  I look to my other side, my 1 year old is gone. In that moment I can’t breathe, those 4 aisles feel more like 40 aisles. I hear the Korean man ask someone:
” Where you mama?”
I go towards the voice, hoping this time it is my son, it was. I pick him up, I was so focused on not losing my older son, I forgot my 1 year old likes to wander.
My oldest son looks at me and grins.
” What are you so happy about?” I ask
” Mom, I was going to tell you but you told me not to talk.” He comments.
I think I’m gonna smack my son. I didn’t, but I sure thought about it. There were only 4 aisles, how on earth did this keep happening?


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