Our vanilla time together

Daddy calls to let me know he’s coming to see me. Thank goodness I behave most of the time, or that could go badly for me.  He arrives within ten minutes. I open the door, and I can’t help it, but immediately I want him.my thoughts go to how quickly can I get Daddy’s cock in me?  Daddy kisses me, we both kiss. Since I can sort of sense he won’t be with me very long, I will take what I can get! I my arms around his neck, I like feeling close to him. He pulls me into him for more kissing. My body melts into his. Its not actually skin on skin, but I can still feel heat immenating from both us as we are chest to chest. I don’t want to stop.

Its a known fact between Daddy and I, that he has more self control then I do. How is able to? I don’t know, but I know I have none. I keep looking him, I’m caressing his strong, sensuous chest ,even through his shirt. All I can think of is that the day before that chest was on top of me, making me feel good.  Daddy has that evil laugh, he tells me not to get him going he can’t today, I want to pout but Daddy won’t fall for it. He does however pay me back. He rubs his chest on my boobs, yum! He keeps putting his hand between my legs, with a slight rub, I’m raring to go. I want him now! He smiles , says its fair since I did that to him. No , not fair. I make reference about playing later, Daddy smiles and laughs his evil laugh.
Daddy says, ” maybe I will let you play, maybe I won’t”   I feel like he’s being unfair the moment he said it. But I think quickly have the thought, ‘ he’s not being unfair, it does belong to him’. 

Much later that night, after Daddy has gone to work, he’s not with me, but I’m missing him a lot. I need to get off. He doesn’t answer as quick as I wanted, but eventually he does. I know my rule is , I ask to play if I don’t hear from him in twenty minutes, I’m allowed to play.
When we first started seeing each other, it seemed like a great rule, but three months later, I try not to abuse it, ask all the time. He knows I could do it daily, several times a day. It hits me he has to go without sex too. So, if he can do it, i can do it too.

Hope when Daddy’s not so busy, we get more vanilla time together! But I still love the sex part as well!

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