Daddy helped me today ,through some painful things I bring up to myself.

After a moment with someone that I don’t know how to confront, I understand why now . My ex was violent, and confrontation would make him more violent, if I stood up for myself I could pay for that, not in a good way. Today brought up those old feelings .I want/need to move past this old crap .

  Daddy showed me how many times I make excuses, and then give up. I have done it in every area of my life. Nobody has ever pointed out a way for me to stop it, or put me on a path to set myself up to do positive things in my life. I can encourage anyone at anytime to move their life forward, everyone but myself. I guess that is what Daddy’s are for?!  To help through the menagerie that is my life. When Daddy asked me why I listen to everyone else about what I should do in my life , I had no answer.

Daddy did let me know that the only person I should consult is Him and Him alone. That does make sense. My body belongs to Daddy, I belong to Daddy. He made lots of sense, and even shared things about himself so I understood that he gets what I’m going through. So I guess  I know Daddy is right, and I know what He’s like. He probably just took over this part of my life. My respect for Him just quadrupled. I was listening to him talk, and I realized how lucky I am. I have never, ever, never, ever ever had a Dom, or Master believe in me so much. I always think I can hide all of this stuff from everyone. Everyone but Daddy that is. He made me talk, doesn’t like that I refuse to tell about the things going through my head. I think he’s been waiting for me to fully let him in. And when I shared something very painful for me, he listened, was very caring and kind, gave me hope that I can let it rest for the first time ever. He didn’t make me feel guilty, shame me. He might not have any idea how much I needed that. I really care so much about my Daddy, I do need him , I’m not afraid to admit that .

Thank you Daddy, its for so many things, the list is long, I’m hoping you know! But if you need to hear it for yourself Daddy, I will personally tell it to you the next time we are together. You are so worth that! You surprise and amaze me all the time. Things money can’t buy. Today made me feel more  like an  ‘us’, the way Daddy was talking. I really needed His help today to process, and He was there!

The only downside I can see is that Daddy is a sadist. He knows I like to keep things bottled up. And with a mind like Daddy’s , I might be paying for this. Oh no, I hope he’s so busy that he forgets, and just glosses over this. Is it possible? Miracles happen everyday, i might need one…

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