Because of him

Because of Him…

I am happy.
I have a dream.
I go to the gym, consistently.
I want to be the best slave, sub, Babygirl for Him.
I need my Daddy.
I have the hottest, dirtiest,nastiest, most satisfying sex.
My ass hurts, often. Ouch
I am not selfish, I care more about Him.
I want better things going on in my life.
I long for His control over me.
I love when He uses my body as He desires.
I love being on my knees before Him, whether I’m submitting or giving Daddy a blowjob ( yum)
I wait for His direction.
I get to wake up next to him, have Him in my bed.
I get to be monogamous.
I get to feel his strong hands on my body.
I feel so submissive in His presence.
I want more , I crave Him.
I can trust someone again.
I can let go, and be multi orgasmic again.
I feel so beautiful.
I want Him to take what is his.
I have desire and passion running through my body.
I feel safe.
I feel adored.
I feel like I’m right where I need to be .
I have someone who encourages me.
There is someone to call me on my bullshit.
I must face my fears.
I will be broken down, and built back up, better than new.
I know what I want.
I have no say over my life, only Yes Sir.


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