Let the healing begin

So, after asking to talk to Daddy, I was finally ready to share the rest of what I hold back. Things I stuff deep down, never deal with.

Daddy patiently listened, asked questions, spoke his mind as needed. I did hear Him . He does not seem to be the type of Daddy to let me continue to stay and wallow in the crap of the past. He most definitely called me on my bullshit. He heard me, when no one else ever has. I have never changed the wording with anyone. When I shared my deepest secret with Him, he did not blame, He actually wanted me to let it go and heal from the pain I have caused myself. Where has this man been my whole life.  It just makes so much sense as to why no one else could ever change these things before now. I didn’t trust them enough to share things so deep inside me.

Daddy just means so much to me. I wonder how he is so strong, mentally and physically, to take on so much. He has his own personal and professional life, children ( never easy :)), friends, family. Then there’s me. I am quite the enigma all on my own. I have wondered how he keeps it all straight. He amazes me. I am a handful you can be sure its true. He never seems to busy, tired yes. Always has time for me. He even makes sure to satisfy me sexually. This man should be worn out not able to give more. Yet he doesn’t complain. I am in awe of Him.

Still has time to punish me. Talk with me, protect and guide me. I feel so important! I still have no idea if he just took even more control over my life, history with Daddy, says yes, but until I hear that from him, I won’t actually know.

I really do have the best Daddy ever!!

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