I have officially decided to resign

Goodbye to being a brat.

As I have once again,made my Daddy upset, it was not my intention,but once I processed how it happened. At the heart was miscommunication.

When I was younger, I was a slave. There was no hint of brat in me. I longed to serve, to see my Master happy, made me happy. Not a doormat, or a slave with no personality, but a slave nonetheless. As I started to become unhappy having no way to voice my unhappiness at decisions made on my behalf, it was time for a change. After much reflection, I became a sub. I felt I would have a voice, feel more of an equal in the relationship, while still serving, that is my hearts desire, when you don’t let me serve, I feel unneeded, inadequate, I need to serve. Find a way for me to serve, I won’t be bratty.

At some point in my life in D/s , I was the babygirl, and I truly identified. I could be sexy, playful, and serve! I was so happy. But as things change, communication is lost, my brattiness will rear its ugly head. I will be a good girl ,as long as I know you are happy with me. Tell me. Reward me. Bring on funishments. When I get none of those, I notice the brattiness coming back into position.

So, how to keep it at bay? I will need to communicate with my Daddy when I feel it coming on. Then there are times I really want to be overpowered, made to do as you please roughly and violently. How am I to tell you that? Sometimes I am having a bad day, bratty is just how I’m feeling, I need your help to know how to drop it. Should I write, should I talk to you, guide me.

I don’t intend for my Daddy to think I’m being malicious, or challenging him in any way, or as rejection,  that’s not my intention at all. And after speaking with a Dom I know, I am sadly in need of correction from my Daddy, I wasn’t trying to push Daddy. Somehow I got off track, need to talk, need an explanation, something is wrong in my world.

Sometimes, in my real life, I must be dominate. And there are times I forget to shut it back off. Remind me please.

In a new relationship being a little bratty to test limits is normal. To continue is wrong, I continued, even after Daddy said just a little was ok. I have noticed there are times I just want him to take control, the brat makes that happen, but its not how I want it to happen. Then there’s times brattiness is apart of a consensual nonconsent on my part, I want my Daddy to have control over me. Do as he pleases, control as he pleases, have me pay for not cooperating. There is no disrespect intended, I do care about him a lot. I love being controlled, crave it actually.

Sometimes brattiness is about the sub hiding her true needs. I am guilty. There are ways to get rid of the brat.

Ways to control- I know what works ,I have been a brat for a while.

1.Stop. It will be a struggle for your sub, but if you are meeting her needs, and her yours. The brat is kept at bay. Assign chores or writing monotonous sentences, the brat will run away, the sub will make sure. ** stopping the brat is hard, you will be met with a fight inside yourself and resistance.**

2. Make if off limits. If your sub loves pain, don’t let her have any, she is getting her way. She will realize you are in charge. She will make the brat go away. The sub and the brat crave attention, figure out which one you give your time to and encourage good behavior.** Daddy has done this, I hate it. I love Daddys time and attn , and definitely sex, this one sucks**

3. Take away her right to say ‘no’. This works very fast to keep her brattiness gone. When she behaves, then she can have a choice. Punish quickly. Always explain why. If you must meet to punish her don’t give her sex, the sub will be so upset. ** I may stomp my feet, cross my arms, hold my breath, but its effective. I realize being bratty is not worth it.**

4. Let the sub know you are not happy, you are disappointed. This will bring her to her knees. She loves you, cares what you think , she will be upset she has made you disappointed. Very effective, but once forgiven, bring her close, let her know she’s your good girl again. **This is killer for me, as I want only my Daddy’s happiness, to be his good girl, keep him happy. I become very repentant very fast, and from a true heart. **

5. Put her in a corner. Have a party and she is not allowed to participate, it will make her crazy to want  fun, don’t let her. No playing- with her/ or letting her play by herself. Put her on task, she will hate it, but respect you even more. Take her electronics , but keep it a normal time frame.(laptops,PC,tablets,cell phone) . This takes the attention away from her. ** my Daddy that I have now has not done these to me, I’m so thankful, but then I just gave him ideas**

6. The most dreaded punishment, hardly used, quite effective, is the ‘ %&#¥€¢’ punishment. Sorry, my sub friends asked me not to publish it, since they read my blog and have a real fear their Dom’s will see it, and use it. Its the worst kind of punishment: pain, torture, humiliation, degradation of sorts, your sub will have no fight to be a brat left in her ever again. But this does break her physically and mentally, so be responsible when using this. ** I have had this done to me, only one time. It was truly awful. My choices accepting this punishment were to stop being a brat,playful was fine, but no brat. Or walk away from him. I chose to take the punishment, it broke me within the ten min time he set for me. Its miserable, torturous, my whole body felt it, once it was over he had to carry me to the bed and aftercare was started. Once it is chosen, and you go through it, you never forget it, its that awful**

7. Silence. Very effective, but don’t overuse. Should be explained first before you go silent, or your sub just feels abandoned and wants to act out more. Let’s not encourage more negative behavior, you’re trying to stop it. Keep times frames to something normal. ** I have only had this for a day when used** I have seen Some abuse this, go a week with no contact, she’s going thru the roof ,not feeling submissive at all,but like you left her. This is not how to use this punishment. Keep in mind you have a relationship with this person, don’t hurt her more then needs to be used, then its abuse. I would encourage any sub to walk away, or ask for release.

These are all the equivalent to breaking your sub, be sure you are ready for that. Its a lot of work. The brattiness you just got rid of will return if you’re not mindful to build your sub up. If you don’t, the brat will return with a vengeance. Have time for proper training, your sub should be worth that. Keep in mind to that you need to be giving her positive attention, to reenforce good behavior, not stay away unless necessary. She will need you, she is yours, you have her submission, you own her, or married to her. She is your treasure, treat her as such.

Good luck, just remember if your sub doesn’t like being a brat, and I don’t, then they need some help, your control, your guidance to help with this process.


2 thoughts on “I have officially decided to resign

  1. Ugh, my Sir has threatened to take away my phone if I act up. He also threatens to dump me in the snow or pine needles, naked, if I continue to misbehave. And He HAS spanked me for punishment, not funishment.

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