Who is really in charge in the kingdom?

Once upon a time there was a sub. She found a Dom one day,or he found her. Nevertheless all was good in the kingdom.  She, the new sub, we shall call her sapphire,  had no idea that he, we shall call the Dom -beast, would become so special to her. That she would care for him so deeply, or want him in her life so much. She felt like the luckiest sub in all the kingdom. Til another  sub let her know a secret, that Beast already had a sub ,named Emerald. She felt crushed.

But as their journey unfolded, sapphire knew that her Beast came with a past, and much to her surprise that meant she needed to be kind and understanding, give Beast the time he needed to make sure Emerald was fine, and when ready, send her on her way, so she could start her new life.

She felt jealous, and upset. She closed her mind to anything that Beast tried to say, as he was trying to let her know that she ,sapphire,  was the sub he wanted. But even as such, he was a responsible Dom. That each sub was a treasure to him, but you don’t return a sub to the world broken. Much to the Beasts chagrin ,sapphire wouldn’t hear him. He decided to show her as much patience and grace as he could muster. Sapphire became even more bratty , than the usual playful girl he thoroughly enjoyed in her. Though her name is sapphire, at this time she was not behaving as the treasure that Beast knew she really was.

When Beast was at his wits ends, he realized he has punished her over and over again, she should be submitting,yet she would not. She gave him the hardest power struggle ever. He was flustered.

Til one day when she went off the deep end, in another one of her temper tantrums. She wanted some answers, she barked at her Dom. He knew deep down she needed the full explanation  but he had hoped she would have listened before and given him some trust, as he really did care for his kitten, sapphire,very much.

So he started to explain, as she finally listened to him with extensity to hear, she really cared about him as well, her Dom ,the Beast. He spoke with such emotion that she hung on his every word. She finally realized that Beast was a true and respectful Dom. He was not about to hurt Emerald, or cause her any more pain then necessary, before he set her free. Sapphire just listened to Beasts story, how Emerald was important to him at one time, but now he has a new treasure, Sapphire. Whom he greatly cares for, and treats with tender loving care, and  has to take care of the many punishments she racked up on her own. Sapphire knew she had been behaving badly, she wouldn’t even look Beast in the eye, but she felt better now that he explained fully.

Beast hoped that sapphire finally understood, what he had been saying all along. He wasn’t cheating on her, he wouldn’t hurt her, but he needed her to be patient, trust him.

Once sapphire let the words run through her pretty little head, they made their way to her heart. Sapphire had finally understood every word that Beast said. She wasn’t jealous, or irritated any longer. She finally realized that Beast was a gentleman Dom, and had a soft spot for her,  or her ass would have been worse off then it was. She thought Beasts explanation was beautiful. Plus she knew he cared for her like that as well. Sapphire wished the frogs of the past, whom said they were Dom’s
, had treated her with such dignity. She didn’t have to look back, she looked forward. Standing in front of her was the Beast. She ran to him , and kissed him with a passion she didn’t know lived in her. She was falling for the Beast  or had she already? She needn’t care, he was in her life, she in his. They had each other. Now she had even more respect for Beast since he didn’t hurt Emerald. He was treating her with respect. Something more Dom’s should do.

Our story ends on a happy note. Beast and sapphire, were finally communicating well. That was much needed. They got to have plenty of makeup sex. But there was a price to pay to the beast, for all the trouble sapphire caused him, and put him through. Lets just say sapphire won’t sit for a while, or every time she does, she will be remembering who is really in charge of the great kingdom, Beast.

They lived happily ever after …

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