Do you want me

I put makeup on so you wont  see how i don’t feel pretty.

I wish you couldn’t see my body, because I’m not a supermodel.

I do my hair , so you see the babygirl who worked hard to show you beauty.

I hide my battered heart, since i don’t want anyone to know how many times its been broken.

I wont show tears, i would much rather you think I’m as strong as metal.

I refuse to talk, what if you can hear me, or want to fix me, or call me on my bullshit.

I wont look you in the eye, what if you see my soul, and decide to stay. I been told I’m to hard to handle,up for that challenge? All have run home to mommy.

I have heard it been said that I’m evil, dark, full of venom. Its a deadly bite, will you survive.

You can do what you wish to my body, beat me, fuck me, bind me. My heart is where the real prize is,not between my legs.

As i see you still standing here, i realize you have seen me with no make up, looked upon my naked body, saw my tousled hair,wiped my tears, have gotten me to talk, pull my chin up so our eyes meet. I bit you but you did not die. You have taken my body, and then asked for my heart as well.

I guess you want me!


2 thoughts on “Do you want me

  1. 27spankings says:

    Awe sooooo Good!!!!!

  2. Yep. I TOTALLY feel this.

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