Hate how you make me feel

I hate how you can say one thing, and i fly to the moon.
I hate how i cant reject you, you have this hold on me.
I hate how i cant deny my feelings for you.
I hate everything about you, or do l?
I hate how i am so vulnerable around you.
I hate how your  gaze burns me to my core.
I hate how you can control yourself around me,  your hands on my body in an embrace.
I hate how insane your kisses are, i crave more.
I hate how you smile at me.
I hate what you do to me, i feel no control.
I hate how i kneel before you ,i just fall to my knees.
I hate how important you make me.
I hate how you always save me from myself.
I hate that you chose me.
I hate when you pull me back from myself.
I hate every kind word you have ever said.
I love you for everything you are changing in me.
I love that you believe in me.
I love that you don’t give up on me
I love that you see the real me.
I love how you dominate me.
I love how you take what’s yours.
I love that you never lie to me.
I love you for pushing me to face you and myself.
I love you for not letting me have my way.
I love that you give me pain, deserved or asked for.
I love you for making me see a new side of life.

I hate you, i love you.

Collaborated N.S./S.S.

One thought on “Hate how you make me feel

  1. 27spankings says:

    Perfect!!!! My daddy asked me to write in my Journal this week about the positives and negatives of D/s and how I’ve grown and what I need to work on! This hit my heart just right! I will make sure he reads this as part of how I feel in addition to what I wrote ❤️

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