Impure thoughts

Licking your skin, because i love the taste of you.

Your cock in my mouth, because I’m hungry for you.

My hands feeling your body, because i have submitted to you, but i want you.

Your mouth on mine , because I’m tingling between my legs, make me do as you please.

I’m on my knees with your cock down my throat, i grab onto you so i can struggle for air. I breathe when you say.

The red on my ass, that you left your mark on what’s yours. I adore you.

Your strong hand on my throat, you could take the air from me, i would die happy, but you are so careful with me.

You have me bound, i cannot move. But even in my freedom, I’m not going anywhere.

A fistful of my hair, you have control. Tell me how i am to please you Sir.

Your words take my thoughts, and make them yours. I will do or say what you want to hear.

My naked body is yours to control. I am only yours, your pleasure is my deepest desire.

Your embrace, makes my body melt into yours. There is no longer a pull , out of fear, to keep away from you.

I love being yours. I only want to be yours. My heart beats faster as you enter me. You own each orgasm, as they run through my body, i wonder do you feel how much i want you.

I belong to you , my Daddy, my King.

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