What Daddy said, what babygirl heard…

As i was talking to Daddy this morning, i realized that when i hear an order , my mind immediately wants to figure out how to get my way. I don’t do it on purpose, more instinct, i just love having my way.

Recently, a dom that is not mine commented on how bratty i am. I didn’t see the problem if my own Daddy wasn’t complaining. I did take it to heart though.  Daddy noticed something about how unbratty i was being. Ok, Daddy said , ‘less bratty’ but that’s not what i heard. I wanted to give up on being bratty, make Daddy proud of me. I care more about him ,then being a brat. So i thought long and hard about how am i always getting to trouble, how does it happen? Where is the breakdown?

When Daddy said,” go to the gym”,  what i hear is , ‘  i need to workout ,burn calories, some cardio, essentially Daddy wants to have sex!’

When Daddy said, “no shopping, i can only spend under $20 without asking”, what i heard, ” spend $20 everyday, its under my limit”, notice there were no specifics on how often’.

When Daddy said ” no chocolate” , well, what i heard was, buy groceries with chocolate on/in it, then i didn’t outright buy chocolate”.

When Daddy said, ” buy a Hitachi toy, don’t spend a lot on it”. What i heard was, ‘ buy a toy that’s not expensive. So i did ! I obeyed you. You might have laughed, but were dead serious about it. Once you saw the toy i bought, you weren’t amused , and decided to use that on me for torture. Guess in the end you were the one getting their way and winning..

When Daddy said , ” you can be a little bratty, just be dressed up like a schoolgirl”, what i heard was, ‘ throw out all my clothes,( go shopping for ONLY schoolgirl stuff, accessories, shoes  shirts, skirts, panties, long socks), then i can be bratty all day long, everyday, i needed to  meet his one requirement. *wait a minute, maybe Daddy didn’t mean i could dress like a schoolgirl, all day long, everyday. Nah, Daddy will be so happy that i took the initiative to obey his words, he can’t help but be proud of me*

When Daddy said, ” only a little junk food is ok” , what i heard was, ‘ i can eat Some junk food” handful of chips through the day,  a few cookies now and later, Daddy still didn’t give specifics if this was allowed daily or not.

When Daddy said, ” no pop”, what i heard was, ‘ no pop’ cuz some shit you just cant get your way on!

See Daddy, i heard you!


One thought on “What Daddy said, what babygirl heard…

  1. lol this is too cute. Every dynamic is special. and not everyone in ddlg community will understand your own unique ddlg dynamic

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