Bring me to life

I remember that i didnt feel alive, no real connection to anyone. Food seemed bland, colors were washed out. I was longing for something , and yet had no idea of what.

As of recently, when we talk, both of sharing our ideas of the world and viewpoints, i come to life. Dont get me wrong, i knew how to get through the day, wearing a smile. Polite conversation. But now, i feel alive, the air is sweet as it goes through my lungs, i wear a smile all day long. The colors are so bright, i want to walk in the rain with you. I go back over conversations or texts. I miss you when you’re gone. I look at the pictures you’ve sent me , i get to see your smile.  I see you opening up and letting me close. I feel the pain of your past, i can only promise i have no desire to be without you. Whether by chance or any reason.

Reality that is before us, there are two paths. Full healing so we can have so much more time. Or we just go one day at a time, and whatever time we have , shall count that as ours, and be grateful even for that. I must say, i know which way i want it to be, as tears appear , lump in my throat. The thought of being without you feels unbearable. Don’t go, don’t leave, is what i whisper into the wind. I hope it gets to you.

I have never felt like this before. If someone moved on, i never showed a tear, let alone think on any memories. But now with you, its much different. I don’t expect you to believe me. Watch, see for yourself, i am right where i want to be. No one keeps me here, only my heart. I enjoy where we are going, this journey together. And just think, we have only begun. I am excited to be yours. I hope you feel the same. Please don’t stop. Let me show you who i am, i want to see who you are as well.  You did bring me back to life.


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