Just tell me you miss me

If that is all you want to know, is how just much do i miss you when you are away from me. Well, i miss you so much that my body goes into a frenzy, i feel like a drug addict looking for her next fix, I’m so addicted to you. When i hardly get to see you,  that frenzy goes into this worse state for me, like my body going into withdrawals. Where are you, i need you near me, in me, in my veins, in my heart, touching every inch of me, ohhhhh I need my fix. So i can come down from the horror of missing you, needing you. There aren’t enough words to tell how much i miss you.

– babygirl

One thought on “Just tell me you miss me

  1. Shalom says:

    Sooo, sooo true! i won’t see Master till the end of October. He is sexual crack.

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