Broken at last

Its has truly been years since any Dom has broken me. Most just cannot handle all i throw at them. Believe me, its not a game, not to me. If you are in this for the long haul, then I’m gonna find out what you are made of.

Why? Why not just trust that a Dom can handle breaking you and build you back up? I have my reasons. I actually want to be broken by my Dom, i need to know he can do it. I need to see the strength of the man who calls himself a Dom. I need to see for myself that this Dom can handle his own life, then take care of me. I don’t pick Dom’s lightly. I am careful, methodical, tenacious.

I know exactly what i want, what i am looking for. I know what i need, but the Dom i choose, will read me I’m sure, and decide that he knows me better than i know myself. Which i look forward to that as well. 

My Dom has broken me, there is no fight left in me. I am waiting for his lead. I was always truly His, i did fully submit, but once fully broken, there’s no going back. I can say with complete confidence and happiness, no Dom has ever broken me so quickly. I’m glad he has, now he can build me back up stronger and better than i ever was. I look forward to our journey.

Thank you Sir.

One thought on “Broken at last

  1. very beautiful and sweete

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