He has full control now

I have no fight left in me. Its gone. There’s is no brat. I don’t want my way. I give you full control.



I want to make you proud, i want to make you happy. I want to serve only you. I know that you knew, i had to push you. I had to make up my mind to give all my power ,over to you. You showed me that you care, and will take care of me. You’re still here. Thank you Sir.

As i feel unworthy in this moment. I know why i had to push so hard. To see if you really wanted this control. I believe you do. Others have said they did too, but none are still around. That is my biggest fear, that you will just leave me behind and not see this through. I had to push to see how strong you are. If you are mad then i sincerely apologize, but i needed to know, i will gladly accept any punishments. Only because you mean so much to me.

I will follow your lead. I feel desolate right now. Please don’t leave me like this Sir. I am very melancholy, as i feel the old me draining out of my body. It is a confusing time for me. As i never thought i would be here ever again, then i let you in, and here we are. I am ashamed that i wanted to push , just to prove to myself that you could withstand, even fire. At least now i know. I am very happy.

Now to see, who i become , at your hands. I know it takes time. That it is a process. You have already been putting it in progress. Things you have said, just swirling through my brain. You were changing me all along, just waiting for me to give you control. You have been so patient.

Thank you Sir


One thought on “He has full control now

  1. this is incredibly beautiful. how sweet to finally find someone whos a true dominant. so many are fake.

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