To be before Him

This will be the first time to be in His presence, since He broke me. In the past i was so excited to see him, I’m like a child in a toy store. What will i pick?
Daddy fucking my pussy-yes, Daddy fucking my ass-yes, Daddy making me cum- yes, Daddy making me moan- yes. I was much more concerned about myself, my wants, my needs, my desires.

Something has most definitely changed. That frenzy that was in me, has subsided. I am not worried about being satisfied, i am more focused in my thoughts, that i am more worried about being pleasing to Him, making sure He is happy. I’m not concerned about myself. This is a first for me,  in a long time. I am patient, and my thoughts are , ‘do i even deserve to be before Him’.

I hope He will be pleased. I hope i can present myself in the manner He desires. Only He can let me know. His desire is my focus. There is not a hint of a brat. Just a little bit of babygirl present, the part that missed her Daddy so much. As a sub, i know that is not to be my primary thought. I cannot treat Him as common. This is not vanilla. I don’t want my way. I only cherish that He even wants to be with me, give me some of His time. I can only hope i make Him happy. I am nervous to be in this head space, thinking as a sub. It truly has been a long time. It feels foreign to me. Do i even remember how to please my Dominant? Well, of course i do, it would much easier if i knew what
He fully required of me as His sub. Being He is a very good Dom, I’m sure He will let me know.


One thought on “To be before Him

  1. I hope it all works out for you. I know I’ve wrestled a bit with my own identity, but for the time being, its only with self exploring by myself. I wish you luck.

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