Back in Daddys arms

I needed, wanted, craved being in his arms, that is my safe place. Longed for his touch. To hear him talk to me. To have his kiss upon my lips. To feel him between my legs, Him making me cum over and over. My body shaking because He knows how to get me going.

Once it was over and we were laying there, He pulled me into Him. All i can feel was his body enveloping mine. His strong arms around me, holding me close. My tears falling from my eyes, i missed Him to much. I also thought He wouldn’t want me now that i am broken. I wasn’t even sure how to face Him. Leave it to Daddy to show me I’m beautiful, because He said so. I am worthy, because He said so.  I was still trying to come to terms with My Daddy still wanting me, even if i am broken, i needed Him to tell me exactly what He wanted from me, expected of me. And He did.

I did take my punishment, i hope Daddy was proud of me. He seemed to be. I realize being broken didn’t mean He was going to throw me away , just because past Dom’s had. I couldn’t wrap my mind around His words, and thinking that it would be like the past. I know i should let the past go, if Daddy has taught me anything, its that He is not like any Dom I’ve ever met. As He felt like i was rejecting Him, i wasn’t, i was just scared. I looked at my Daddy, through my tears, and said
” Don’t go”
Daddy looked at me, with a small smile, he crawled right back up next to me in my bed. He let me cry some more. When the tears finally subsided. I opened to Him, i was talking about everything that had been swirling through my brain. I don’t even think i took a breath. He was talking with me as well. We were smiling, and laughing.i can honestly say that laying there with Him is just special as the hottest sex with Him. They say you know it has the potential to last if you have things to talk about after sex.  I love talking to Him. It seems every time we talk we learn even more about each other. Plus i watch Him while He’s talking. I think to myself ‘ He’s smart, funny, insightful, and articulate’. I’m impressed by Him. There are not many people i like having conversations with, but i could talk to Daddy for hours.

The one feeling that kept coming back to me was, i am so lucky that He chooses to spend time with me. He chooses to treat me like the ‘good’ girl i am, and the ‘bad’ girl that i am. He chooses to fuck me like the god He is, He chooses to make me feel important. So, in turn, i choose to obey Him, submit to Him, be His brat, be His babygirl, be His sub, be His slave ( we know, quite the dynamic). I am in awe of Him. We are both busy, have our own things going on, but at almost 4 months together, things are progressing nicely. I am very happy. Plus its rare for me to stick around , but i WANT to! I am right where i want to be. I can see this being long term, which was what i wanted when we met. I love being a part of His life , i love Him being a part of mine. This Dom, this man, means so much to me. He might never know just how much. For there aren’t enough words to express that, i am not even sure words have been invented yet, that can express how many feelings i have for him, and how deep that is.

Thank you Daddy💋


3 thoughts on “Back in Daddys arms

  1. thats so sweet! you two are sooo lucky

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