Babygirl’s rules

Today, i decided to take over! Daddy is busy, figure i shall change a few things!

Lets start with the rules:
1. babygirl can do whatever she wants, when she wants, at all times.
2. babygirl can eat chocolate with every meal,actually  chocolate will BE the meal!
3. babygirl doesn’t get in any trouble anymore, cuz she’s to adorable!
4. babygirl doesn’t get spankings anymore. No Daddy
5. babygirl can smart off to anyone including Daddy.
6. babygirl will be in charge, for infinity!!!
7. babygirl gets to spend money, all the time, even to spoil Daddy!

These rules go into effect pronto, before Daddy can get to me. Even when He gets to me , He has to catch me first !!

– babygirl has spoken!


15 thoughts on “Babygirl’s rules

  1. lol. sounds exciting.

  2. 27spankings says:

    Good luck with that!

  3. ‘Good luck with that’ was exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes it’s worth it, though. 😉

  4. Sexy Pea says:

    Topping from the bottom…..interesting to see if you get away with it 😉

  5. My clairvoyance sees a sore spanked arse for a certain baby girl lol!

  6. TheLifeBot says:

    For every red letter day there is a sore bottom day. Lol

  7. Let’s face it, you were already smiling about the punishments coming as you were writing your list. Sounds like a GREAT idea to me. 😉

  8. rose needs some rules very much like yours. her Sir has been very busy. Does that mean she can make them up? 😀

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