Daddys brat

He only allows very little brattiness to remain now, but before i submitted to Him, the brat in me needed to push Him to His limit. Figure out where the boundaries are, establish will He take control, and if He does ,can He manage me?

I love the fire in His eyes when He looks at me , i have exasperated Him yet again. I also know i need binoculars to see the line i crossed way back there somewhere. But He is always quick to point it out, and then bring a swift punishment. It does show He cares, and considering the state of my ass, He cares A LOT. But i fully expect the punishment, if He didnt , i would lose respect for Him. This is as much for His benefit, as it is mine. I need to see how He will handle things. Does He mean what He says. Will He just let me get away with things, go lightly on me. I need to know. Fact remains that both of us are smart, He’s usually 2 steps ahead of me now, but only one of us will be in control. So, who will it be? The Daddy, or the brat?

The brat in me needs to know who is the boss, i know its supposed to be Daddy. I really don’t want to be the boss, but i need to know that He can be. He’s strong enough to handle me. There is also nothing in me that’s wants to be in control, but i need to trust that He has this. He does.

Sometimes, it really can just be a bad day, my brat side comes out, and I’m ready to go.

The brat in me needs just enough rope to peer over the edge, see the unsuspecting world, and all the dangerous things i could get in to. Then pull me back from the edge, as i know what’s expected of me, don’t let me get to far away. Bring me back to my safe place, Daddy! Once i see that angry look, i know it went to far, usually not my intention, I’m going to submit. Then there’s times when you just know i need a new direction, calm the brat down. You do read me so well.

I know when you are mad, i will be at your feet, like a sulky little monster, because i didn’t want to push you that hard, just sort of happens. I want my way, but inwardly smiling because i know you care enough to stop me.

The brat in me needs to feel your hand in my hair, taking all control from me. That sting on my ass, your strong hand on my throat, just holding me down, or tying me up. Just restrain my body, so the brat knows she lost. I know i will submit, i want to. Then a powerful, hungry kiss on my smart ass mouth. The many levels of pleasure and pain, because that’s just the way you are, the way it should be.

The brat in me will yield, but only because you took the time to show me you care, who was really in charge, and that you want to be. I am yours. I know i crossed the line, i won’t resist, to much.

Daddy, just don’t ever change, my bratty side needs you , just the way you are.

One thought on “Daddys brat

  1. how sweet! you are so lucky! The brat just needs to know and feel how dependendable he is. hehe

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