Why i need my Daddy

In my world, where no one has ever tried kicking me out of, until you, has me so confused. If you do things i don’t understand, i need the next moment for you to explain. I don’t know your reasons. I am so used to pushing everyone away, please dont go. All before you have, keep in mind, they lied to me ,used me, hurt me, cheated on me, scared me, told me they loved me, yet left me bleeding and broken. Is that love? I think not.

With you Daddy, i cannot help but feel love for you. I feel so many things i have never felt before. This is scary.

Daddy, you pulled me out of my comfort zone. I feel lost, if you think i have any idea how this goes, i don’t. I used to know how to do me, be me. Now it is just gone. You make me wonder, think, feel curious. You stirred a passion in me , that i never knew existed.

I need your guidance, you may have explained things to me a thousand times, please explain a thousand more, just don’t keep count. I am stubborn, hard headed. I am so used to people giving up on me, that i gave up on myself, you see it, call me on my bullshit. And you haven’t left me. I don’t want to lose something so meaningful. I have never been able to just stop and let things play out, i need to think about it til i can no longer concentrate. The moment i let go,let you fully in, my orgasms came back. Not something i ever share. I want what you give me, freedom, even while I’m yours, your rules, the way you want it all. No one has demanded so much of me  in such a long time. How do i keep giving. I want forever, you said you want that too. Here’s our chance, its moving forward, i love how you let me go at my own pace.i long to be the woman you need. 

Take me, do what you want to my body..But be careful with the rest of me. Its fragile. I love the way you take control, put me back in my place. Its been so long since someone could do that. I still want that with you , and respect you .

I have spent my whole life trying to be perfect, not feeling  good enough for any of them. Yet you look at all my imperfections and tell me I’m beautiful.  I cant stop the tears any longer, you have changed me. For the first time, I’m trying to enjoy the moment. Not worry where it goes from here. You are so amazing. You set me free from myself, you know what i need before i even know. I feel guilty that i keep worrying about how i feel, or how i go through things.

I hope you will believe me, and understand when i tell you, im sorry, truly sorry. I dont mean to jump to conclusions, or make you so mad, say things you dont like. I think we both know, any kind of relationship is never easy. I long to know you. At some point i will find the courage to tell you these three little words, because i need to say them. For the first time ever, and mean them.

Life before you, was so easy. But what we have is so real. I need this. What is the point of any of this, nothing, but to say i love being yours. Now that I’m broken, and my pieces scattered, I’m more scared then ever before. If only you knew the pain i have, its so deep.i want my perfect moment, no matter how it goes, to be with you. While writing these words that mean so much to me, I’m wet with anticipation.


One thought on “Why i need my Daddy

  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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