A Toy Story

It isn’t nice to break such beautiful toys. They are shiny, have lots of buttons to push. Light up at the sight of you. Did you not think playing with your toy so much , it wouldn’t break? Not nice, tsk tsk.  You are supposed to take care of your toys, this should matter to you.

I saw how you played with your toys. Rough, hard, like you didn’t even appreciate the toy at all. Did you just think you would go buy a new one when you break that one? Or grow tired, and toss it aside, put it in the goodwill box. Let someone love your old toys?

It doesn’t work that way. You should be banned from toys, until you can figure out their worth. How hard you must work to get and keep that toy. There is no sharing this kind of toy. It should be treasured.  You should want to play with toy often, show it care. Protect your toy. Sleep with that toy beside you. Make sure it works well, fresh batteries when needed.  Keep that toy in tiptop shape.

It says a lot about you when you mistreat toys. Naughty dom. Hopefully, you will make a fine purchase one day. It will be the most beautiful toy anyone has ever seen, ever. Hopefully you will realize this kind of toy comes in small quantities, very limited editions. Maybe, then maybe you will take pride in your toys, play nicely with others, keep that toy in a place of honor. Does that toy not deserve that? That toy brought you pleasure , did it not? That was there for ONLY your pleasure, was it not? That toy made you happy. Yet you wanted to be selfish and gather more toys. Tsk. Tsk

The lesson here is to be happy with your one toy. You picked it!! That toy seemed happy that you were happy. Toys were made for your enjoyment! But your selfish ways cost you a toy. Now you must stand outside ‘ bdsm toys r us’ with your face against the glass.  Trying to find a toy that suits you best. At some point, you should learn that there might not be any toys to play with if you never appreciate the one you had. Do you really deserve a shiny new toy? I have seen some of the other toys you have tossed aside, and gave no care for.
It’s quite a shame to see. You don’t really love your toys, you are more of a toy collector. But you didn’t see the value in the toys you have.

Maybe someone can help you someday, so you can really look at the price you pay for a new toy. Decide if you really have room in your life for a new toy. Will you have time to play with it? Do you really need a new toy? Or should you look at the toys you have and maybe shine those olds ones up a bit, find their value.

Whatever you choose, stop breaking your toys, because us toys see everything. So play nice.


5 thoughts on “A Toy Story


  2. hehe. omg I love this. and I totally read withWoody’s voice.

    • stacieinaz says:

      This was a combination of 3 females i know, all being hurt by their dominants. I just combined their stories and this is what came out. They loved it as well

      • hehe ok.

        I’m glad you wrote it. its awesome. And some dominants need to pay attention.

      • stacieinaz says:

        Well all 3 have been really awful. They hurt their subs so badly. When i looked my own, i felt so blessed, cuz he has never hurt me like they have been hurt. When i can’t solve a problem i write. I couldn’t change it for them, but all 3 texted me , they loved it too!

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