The trouble with angels, oops i mean babygirls

After much thought of how i went off the deep end over the weekend. My conclusion after careful thought is i cannot leave my headspace full of the babygirl any longer.

Honestly, babygirls are the most adorable creatures on the face of the earth. Its a fact! But we have many flaws, you can send me comments on this but really think about it first, before you are offended.

Babygirls are wanty,  attention mongers. We are self seeking .  We have one goal- to get Daddy to give us everything we want. Some of us are downright disrespectful. We are playful.  There is nothing like a babygirl in the bedroom!!( another fact).

I recently was speaking with friends, and the dangerous part of Dd/lg dynamics is  letting the babygirl run the relationship. One dom let everyone know his babygirl made him into a vegan to eat healthier, while i agree with being healthy, i am giving a direct quote, so read that again, please. Did you catch ‘ she made him’ , and with further questioning he told us that she  threw out all junk food and changed his unhealthy habits. I was floored. I cant even wrap my my mind around telling my Dom that he will be eating healthier from now on, or even attempt to throw his food out. I cant even get that visual in my head. The babygirls around me giggle, they congratulated her on getting him healthier. I just stayed silent. I heard every word. Then more babygirls shared changes they have put in their daddys lives. Some are married, another they live together, but most are like my Dom and myself, separate homes but spend time together.

I came to the question of, ‘ who was really in charge?’ I then realized that i was guilty as well. When I’m upset, i freak out and just call my Dom and sort of let him have it. If i don’t agree with how he is handling things, again i repeat that process. My only thought now, is why the hell are we letting babygirls rule the bdsm world? I’m in there too. But i can honestly say that every time my Dom has been upset with me, the babygirl is front and present.  Over the weekend ,the friends of mine i spoke with ,are long time Master/slave, he was honest that she is allowed to be a babygirl in the bedroom only. She tried it in everyday life and he said she just destroyed everything in her path, ranted, raved, just took him to his wits end. He took control of his home, kicked the babygirl out of her #1 spot, where she placed herself, and made some rules. They haven’t had a problem since. Good to know, i think that is what happened to me. Its not an excuse, but to find the reason i can get out of control, it resonated with me. It made sense. My babygirl side will not back down, wants her way, will make everyone miserable. I always thought it was the brat, maybe a combo of the two.

I don’t think anyone has addressed this before. I took a good look at myself, past relationships, the babygirl ran some  into the ground. By always wanting my way, never having to fully submit ( babygirls feel entitled), i hear my Dom and want to behave like a good sub, but something goes wrong, its the headspace. If i ever want real change, real submission ( like i have had a long time ago), my babygirl side needs to be under control, and my Dom come up with ways to help me so this stops happening. When left to our own devices, it is not good.

Most of the babygirls i talked to had problems in their relationships, when i prompted questions, it seemed the theme here was, too much babygirl. Some refused to give me credit. It seems to be our fault. I,  at least can go to a sub/slave mindset, I’m focused, calm, trust that my Dom has it all figured out to lead me, but put that babygirl mindset in their, she’s ready to push Him. I haven’t let my babygirl side out for most of the weekend, i have been under control and calm. There’s no such thing as perfect, my Dom knows he’s dealing with a human, but i think there’s a problem. Some of the babygirls i talked to were only babygirls, if its working for you, great. But its not working for me. Maybe i have gained some insight into how things keep going badly.




6 thoughts on “The trouble with angels, oops i mean babygirls

  1. its an interesting perspective. I’m not doubting it. I geuss it all just depends on the people. For me, I’m a submssive babygirl, but I’m not a babygirl like a little, but a middle. I like being a good girl. But I also have certain boundaries.

    i know that some babygirls have no d/s involvement. And I think that might make all the difference.

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