I found something ,something i never saw before

There is a pain that feels like its gut wrenching, and a sweetness that goes with it , it is indescribable. When you know your life had some purpose, but nothing made sense. Then you notice that something new is there. You feel alive, for the very first time. Things around you have meaning. The old you is fading away, you feel like you are in a foreign land but you also feel like you are home. Everyone around is taking notice as well. The world is sweeter, its not perfect, but you just know you are grateful for each day you have. Life is a beautiful thing! Long time friends, and your family want to know why you seem so happy, so full of life, some sparkle there that had been missing before.

When they hear the answer, they are shocked at the news, for they know you are speaking the truth, as you have never said these words before in your life.

I’m in love!

I tried to runaway from it, I just can’t, its all new to me. I am scared, but I have to see what this is, why I’m drawn to Him.




And its football season, Go Steelers!!



4 thoughts on “I found something ,something i never saw before

  1. lol too cute

    falling in love is kinda scary huh? I knew one guy from my childhood. He was the only person to make me feel like I was drowning when I was near him lol. the mention of his name and my voice completely changed lol. Too bad I didn’t marry him instead lol. That feeling is totally scary. You are brave to face it head on hehehe

  2. chirose says:

    Very intense.! Thanks for sharing especially since love can be so hard…and scary. Thanks for the blog follow too 🙂

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