May the force be with you

Ok, cheesy line. But i figure i will need to use the force. My Dom  was very hurt by my recent actions, understood. I was given notice that,there will be some things changing, not surprised. There is also a punishment coming my way, that was a given.

Normally i am not curious about anything. I am actually feeling nervous, i have no other way to face this, but i am at His mercy. I want to ask, but then my thoughts take off in many directions, i realize He is a sadist, and i starting thinking of Chinese torture tactics. Hope i didn’t give Him ideas. I will then feel uncomfortable and just give those thoughts up. Remind myself that no matter what it is, it wont be pleasant, but im sure Hes aware He has to keep me alive. At least i hope He will.

So, here’s what happened…

I was permitted to be before Him. In kneeling position in front of Him. For Him to permit me, was such an honor! I missed Him so much. To be honest, the moment i saw Him, i just wanted to be in His arms, holding Him, kissing Him. I didn’t dare show one moment of what i wanted. Today was not about that. I am addicted to this Dom. He is the ONLY man ever to make me ‘want’ to be on my knees. I have a hard time with humiliation , but i trust only this Dom, to take me to the edge. He did let me know how upset He is. Which is fully understandable. I hurt Him, in the process hurt myself as well. 

When i was with Him. I felt like no matter what He asks of me, i will do it. He is who i want. I am truly right where i want to be. It just feels right. I’m so glad He showed me mercy! He even let me be with Him, let me have some of His time, He made me feel like i mattered. I have never been treated like that before. He really surprised me.

Thank you Sir

3 thoughts on “May the force be with you

  1. I’m glad you guys are on your way to healing

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