Lets play a game! Poke the sadist??


Feeling kind of fun and bratty today! Thank god I’m no where near my Daddy.
So, i do think i should not be held accountable today for anything i say/do that’s : fun,bratty, SAM, rebel like, bitchy, unpredictable, unreasonable, PITA like.

Some days you need to let go…. Let yourself have some fun, its not like i ever get a day off, right? So, let the chips fall where they may.

Now, i think i know what He’s thinking? He may have sort of chuckled to himself, he is not surprised by any of this! Then He will either message or wait til we are together/ on the phone, then question my motives and i may/may not have been up to? See, i know him well! Maybe even a spanking if He thinks went to far.

Funny thing, He never likes the game of ‘ poke the sadist’, could be because He already knows who will win? Who is in charge? Who is gonna get their way?

And who would that be????
    Babygirl?                 Daddy?

The mind just boggles thinking about it! And all the possibilities!

Now, i have a busy day, some trouble to find! Friends to hang out with, a sadist to poke?!  Do i feel lucky???? 😉

Oh  and a FOOTBALL  game, go Steelers!

Ok now im worried!!! Did i just poke my sadist?


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