Vanillas drive me crazy

So, last night I’m with a vanilla friend, something i don’t do often. Only for the fact that it will drive me crazy and then comes, ‘ the great debate’.

She’s upset that i have to ask to have certain food/drink.

She’s upset that i have to go to the gym, and send pics.

She’s upset that i must text about where i am, where I’m going.

So, i step back. Show her the reality called ‘Her Life’. I said you wanted to get something to eat, you called your man to ok spending money ( another one of my things to ask about). You texted your man when we went anywhere, not just last night. If we go anywhere, you text or call him. You are considerate of him, and that He wants you safe.  Now, how in the world do you see me as so different from you?

Ok, so my Daddy likes to know I ate. Reason for that is I dont like to eat, plus I’m trying to make healthier choices, so He has made some things off limits. If I get into trouble it can be a lecture, spanking, punishment( lets not do that, its my ass, not hers). Then, He doesn’t like me drinking pop, just because it tastes do wonderful, which it does, its still not healthy. When we went to the gym, He likes to know where i am/ that I’m safe/ and that i actually used the gym equipment. Ok, so He’s protective, her man is to, and he wanted her safe. Now, my Daddy already knows i can be a brat, want my way, so pictures of what I’m doing is smart. Every time i try to get my way, He is two steps ahead of me. But then who am i cheating anyway, myself. But He likes control, i like Him to be in control. I trust Him. If He wasn’t paying attention, would i just pay for the gym and never go? It could happen, done that before. I really don’t see much difference. A few things , for my own safety and for my ass, i abide by His rules and submit. How is this so bad? I get incredible sex with this man, i care about Him, respect Him. Oh yeah, i believe you did treat your man that way too. My Daddy wants the best for me, in every area of my life.

I also noticed when we put ourselves down, even a little, they both get so mad.

Yet, you are upset because ‘ my man is so controlling’ . I gave Him that control, i know what I am like. I need rules, and structure. Without them I’m just wild as fuck. So, again, tell me how we are so different???  I guess i missed your point.


13 thoughts on “Vanillas drive me crazy

  1. Shalom says:

    They can’t or won’t see the joy in relinquishing total control to someone you trust, devoid of selfish agenda. Lucky us!

  2. Cara says:

    The vanillas have the lives and relationships they choose to have. I respect the fact that they’re adults and make their own choices, I get that the world would get very boring if we were all the same. I just wish the vanillas would respect the choice I’ve made, the life I have.

  3. I completely understand. my roommates in college looked down on me like something was wrong with me for being submissive. oh boy. even though vanilla girls do similar things to please their partners. grrrr

  4. Richard Luope says:

    Love the comments

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