No Daddy no

I will bug my friends to go to the gym with me. I will even give them some sort of encentive, do something/ go somewhere they like .

But when my own Daddy says,
” i have time off babygirl , lets go hang out at the gym”

I am all like , ‘ Daddy, no! I like doing that alone’

I even confuse myself sometimes!

But i do get a visual in my head, heres how it went. Since my Daddy pushes me so hard, and I’m spoiled, if he ordered me to drop and give him 20. I would be on my knees tearing at His gym clothes to get His cock in my mouth for 20 mins!  If he said ‘ Harder babygirl’ i would be moaning on those damn machines, rubbing up against them. If it vibrates at all i would be like,
‘ Wee, Daddy this is harder!’  Now, if he calls me ‘ good girl’ I’m toast. Every time Daddy says that, i get wet!

So, now truthfully, would you go to the gym with your Daddy?!


4 thoughts on “No Daddy no

  1. Cara says:

    If the man can see me in my ratty old sweats, without makeup (and it ain’t pretty, I’ve got some pitted scars from cystic acne) and he’s still WITH ME, I’ll go to the gym with him, and anywhere else he wants to go.

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