What are we to believe

I started a journey about a year ago. Occasionally i get side tracked, and some recent events i think i just flat out said to myself, ‘ why bother’.

I had to try this, this ‘secret’, see where it led me. I am not a religious person, but i do consider myself to be spiritual. I believe prayer has power in it, but i do think its the faith and your intent behind it. The one place in the world i would go without hesitation, to learn from the monks in Tibet.

Last year i saw this movie on Netflix that changed my life. I had to know if it worked, I’m a thinker, i don’t do well with church because i don’t believe everything fed to me from a pulpit. I have to weigh everything. I’m a Libra, we need balance. Libras i know, well we take nothing at face value, but we will check it out for ourselves. I did this with Kabbalah, i truly like that its not a religion but more of a way of life. I like its history. So,when i saw this video on Netflix , i needed to see it many times,i took notes, studied books by anyone who spoke in the film. I don’t want to be fooled.

What did i watch? ‘ The Secret’. Now you might want to try yo debate this, but really you would be wasting your breath with me. Remember, Libra, scales, complete balance. I studied and have spoken with people who can show me the way. I did , at first  think it was just positive thinking. After speaking with someone who teaches from the secret , well i was told for it to work , you must find the key to the lock, so to speak. Really have your thoughts on what you are hearing when you watch the film. Many ppl, myself included, wanted to treat it lightly, but after thinking about my reasons for that, i back tracked. I had to learn what this was. How did it work. Was i being a fool. I would find out.

I can honestly say i gave it my best shot. Put my thoughts on what i wanted. I even made the memory boards to keep myself focused. You won’t believe what i found. It worked. How? You must actually apply the laws of attraction. If your have a shitty life , then your mouth and your thoughts created it. If you have a beautiful life, that’s because your mouth and your thoughts are where they need to be.

The Secret did show me how to change my financial thoughts, i won the lottery 6 times. It will show you how to change your health, finances, love life, everything you desire to change.

I went one step further. I started to break off from ‘ The Secret’ and find more to study, was there an infinite pattern? I saw another film, and read the book; ‘ what the bleep do we know?’ It was fabulous and confusing. You will have to do your own study of it. To much to write about it.

So i divided my studied on highly respected individuals who teach about codes that are in our universe, that we are barely scratching the surface about.

Authors i read often:
Gregg Bradon
Bruce Lipton
Tony Papajohn
Dr. Matsura Emoto
Fred Alan Wolf
Lynne Taggart
Eckhart Tolle
Bob Doyle
Neal Donald Walsh
Jack canfield.

There are absolutely so many more, but i have no idea if i will get to them all in my lifetime! I enjoy learning new things. With amnesia, a lot was put on hold. With my Dom, i haven’t a clue how He has helped my brain proceed to come back from the dead. I do know that was one of my desires, to get back to me. My doctors have even taken notice. They all have asked what did He do? I don’t really know, except that He pushes me, believes in me. Could that be the key? No idea. Did the universe have its own way of doing things, i can only assume. From my readings, most definitely.

Negative thoughts, words, or comments will be deleted.  You don’t have to accept my ways as your ways, my truths as your truths, but you better accept  that this is MY way.  Thanks.


One thought on “What are we to believe

  1. another place to start is google science of get rich. its along those lines also

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