What really pisses me off!

When an 18 year old virgin , on a dating site says ;

‘ i read your profile, saw your photos, you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. I have been a dom for a few years now, but would you take my virginity?’

My response:
‘ Are you kidding me? A few years? What did you order the cat around.i would chew you up and spit you back out sunshine. Now go to your room, you’re grounded. No i won’t take your virginity, i have a Dom, you read my profile, but you didn’t pay attn.

Thanks for the compliment on my pics!

4 thoughts on “What really pisses me off!

  1. lol. the amount of underaged kidz on instagram who are into ddlg and bdsm is kind of funny.

  2. mysirsvixen says:

    OMG. My inbox on FL is littered with requests like this. Don’t play in the deep end sweetie, it’s full of sharks and dark water, and it’s scary. LOLOL. I’m totally stealing the “order the cat around ” line. GIGGLE.

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