I want my Daddy

I’m sometimes a complicated mess. No trust, I’ve been hurt so badly in the past that i couldn’t tell which end was up. Recently, after getting memories back. I took a few days to process. Plus i had one hell of a headache. I can honestly say i have waited to be hurt by my Daddy. Sorry, but i figure honesty is what i should be telling. I have been waiting to be used, left, scarred, and broken. Recently i asked friends what they thought. I then realized no one will ever be able to tell how things should be, this is for me to figure out.

What i truly feel: well, honestly, I’m happier than i have ever been in my life! When i look at the big picture, i see a man who is working hard and makes times for things that are highly important to him, yes i am on that list! Even with His new job, its been tough, but He has stayed in contact even though He’s tired as hell. I love attention from Daddy, but i wont be selfish, I’m not the only one in his life. When I bring things to Him that i need advice on, He’s right there to help guide me, which i really appreciate. There isn’t a part of my life that Daddy doesn’t have control of or refuses to help me with. This makes Him a great Daddy. I decided to ask myself the questions i would ask my friends. I realize my Daddy can be trusted, and after 4 months its time to give Him 100%. My Daddy cares for me, i care for Him, its time to give Him 100% of myself. My Daddy shows me all the time how important i am to Him, i hope He knows how important He is to me, i will do whatever it takes so He knows that. I am ready to commit to someone, there was a reason it never worked with anyone else, they weren’t the right person, but Daddy is. For the first time I’m not afraid. I want Daddy  and everything that it implies. I am His fully, completely, 100%. I am the luckiest babygirl in the world.

Now if you’re jealous, well you should be! There is only one of my Daddy! He’s mine, I’m not sharing. But i will do all that He wants or asks of me! I will try to stop being a brat, its hard, I’m sure He knows!

Even my kids noticed how happy i am. How different i am. They see me ready and willing to give myself 100%. My kids are like, ” Wow, you really do care for this man” 

Damn straight i do! No doubts, they are gone. Not scared, faced my fears. I know what i want. ‘ Daddy!!!’


One thought on “I want my Daddy

  1. so sweet! something to cherish forever.

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