Oh, fuck yes Daddy, right there!!

Yep, this girl had sex with Daddy!! Uh huh, oh yeah!! Oh god i needed that, He might not know how much i needed that connection to Him. Its not really about the sex so much, as i need Him. Every inch of my body needs Him. My mind needs Him. There are parts of me that ache for Him. It was a tough week without Him. Ok, its a little about the sex!

My only thought was Daddy misses me as much as i miss Him, just breathe and be his calm good girl! Well, it worked all week til this morning.  I was kind of bratty, well sort of, but not really. When you have a very high sex drive, and male equivalent of blue balls, craving some pain, and I’m being punished! ( Daddy finally caught on, not give me one of the things i crave the most, til He says). This is a tough one, but i respect Him more that i cant get what i want. Which makes me want Him even more. Although i have decided to make a sign stand out by the freeway off ramps. My sign will say ‘ will work for spankings’! But then no one knows how to spank me like Daddy does it. Then if He found out i would be in more trouble, then it would be even longer without them. There is no store to buy a spanking from, i checked.

So what is a babygirl to do,behave? You make that sound so easy.  Does Daddy know how hard that is? Maybe i can get some spankings, on credit? I feel like an addict without their fix. I’m walking up to people, asking if they want to spank me! They look at me like I’m crazy. I am not crazy, but just smack that ass cheek before you runaway, please? If you see me driving around , downtown phoenix, looking for people on the street corners, drive up and ask;
‘ Hey, how much for a spank?’  , you can safely say then that i have seriously lost it. Someone please return my unspanked ass  to Daddy.

Property of: Daddy
Phoenix, Az

All in all, it was a very good way to start a day! Daddy in every orifice of my body. Daddy making me cum over and over again. Damn that feels so good! Talking to Daddy, laughing with Him( after sex of course!), holding each other, cuddling up close, touching every inch of His body, like He does mine! Hell, i have his scent on my skin, I so like that, reminds me that Daddy was here! Took what is His! Used my body! Fucked with my mind! Ran his fingers through my soul!

Thank you so much , Daddy.

Even though you have been busy, you are so worth the wait!


3 thoughts on “Oh, fuck yes Daddy, right there!!

  1. Shalom says:

    Lucky girl! Happy weekend ~~ tasha 💜

  2. sounds lovely! lucky little girl

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