Thank you Daddy

When we met you didn’t want to hurt me, i didn’t understand what you meant. I think i get it now.

When i found out about past things, you were protecting me, but i chose not to see it. I closed my mind, waited like you asked, but also waited to get hurt. Which has not happened. I think now i owe you a full apology.

As things i thought came into light, and i was protecting myself from harm. I do believe i hurt our trust. I’m sorry. I think now i fully get it, i hope you will forgive and forget, it will not happen again.

As we have gotten closer, and more time together, i have tried to let you break my walls down, but i have been stubborn and resistant. I am now fully exposed, but only to you. I think i see how patient you have been.

As you have explained the future and how you see it, for us, i have not fully believed it. I do now,  I’m fully present, released the last bit of my past that held me back. I hope you can see this is true. I think now i heard the words you were saying, but i feel them now, i want what you see for us! I am ready and waiting for your lead.

As of right now, you have not shown yourself to be anything less than admirable. I’m sorry i couldn’t see it before. I was so caught up in never being able to believe in anyone. No one stayed before. No one has been patient. No one could see the real me.  And last but definitely not least, no one ever took control and pushed me so hard, to believe in myself, to believe in us. Please tell me I’m not dreaming,  and that you are real.

You do own me, heart, mind,body, and soul. Without even putting a collar on me physically, there is a collar there, but that’s invisible, it holds me to you! I’m so happy, and for the first time, right where i want/ need to be. So, please push me, refine me, fully break me, build me up, make me shine and sparkle, use me for your pleasure, let me learn how you want me to be,for your own desires. For none other has what i want, you are the craftsman i desire. I’m such a Daddy’s girl!! 💖


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