I hate holidaze, they’re coming

I have this aversion to holidays. I hate them all. Ok. Only i ones i even give any thought to are as follows:
My kids/ Daddy/ friends birthdays, Hanukkah because kids make me, my anniversary with Daddy.  End of list… Period. Enuff said.

I have tried to make peace with holidays. But really, how much shit do you really need from me just because its a holiday? With my kids, they make me add  Thanksgiving and Christmas to this list. My daughter, being the smart child she is, has decided to try to add in jewish holidays too. I don’t think so. In fact if she cannot tell me what the holiday is about, then i ignore it. I did buy her a big fake tree( allergies to real ones) all the Disney decorations she can get her grubby hands on!

Why do i hate them? That is a mystery… Not. It has to do with my parents and then my ex , they ruined them. I can undo a lot of things in my life, and want to. Try new things, let Daddy push me to see where i land. But holidays are more of a hard limit with me. I will never make peace with them. I wont be shopping on black Friday. Just not gonna happen. I did keep the tradition with my kids of spending a day baking together and taking it to friends who mean a lot to us. This is a fun day with them.

I have had some people from my past try to change this. Guess what? None are in my life any longer. I can submit over a lot of things, this won’t be one of them. I don’t see this changing,ever. I don’t like presents, i don’t want presents. Don’t expect me to thank anyone for something i didn’t want in the first place. My kids do drive me crazy with the last concept. Oh my god, they won’t leave me alone. When it’s my birthday, they won’t just let it go. Making me sit through dinner and presents is awful for me. It’s just the worst. I love my kids, but can’t you people just let it go?

I think i should be allowed out of holidays. All of you go and have fun, drink, do presents, be merry. Just leave me out of it. Babygirl has spoken😈


One thought on “I hate holidaze, they’re coming

  1. honestme363 says:

    Maybe you could convince them to bake your present instead? A cake? A supper? You have to eat anyway..

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