In trouble again, big surprise

Only this time, i don’t know what happened? I went to a Steelers game last night. Had a lot of money on me. I was going to leave it at home, but i didn’t,  first mistake.

Then i have $160 missing from my purse. I looked everywhere, but i literally don’t remember taking it out of my purse? Second mistake.

Had to tell Daddy i lost money, i hear a lecture in my near future, Daddy says thats not all. Im not even curious as to what’s coming, but im sure my sweet sadist will start the mind fuck before He sees me.

I sort of see how its my fault. Ok, its my fault. The money is obviously gone, but i  have more than enough to make it up. So , now why am i in trouble? Why do i have to be so honest with Daddy and tell on myself? Theres more… I was hungry waiting for tires to be done, it was either flaming hot cheetoes or chocolate, i picked chocolate. Third mistake.  When i went to the mall to purchase the toy i was supposed to buy, all i could smell was pretzels, so i got one, and a pop. Fourth mistake. Only 3 drinks off the pop. Ewww, once you dont have pop very often its hard to go back to drinking it.

Good things for today: i bought the toy Daddy told me to buy. Bought an extra toy that looked fun. Yelled at my ex , now hell, that really was fun. He tried to control me, and Daddy told me not to be afraid of my ex, today i wasn’t. I think i handled it really well! At least friends/kids sure think i did, thats new for me, i was controlled for many years( not in a good way)

So, to.sum it up. I was a very good girl all week. Then today, i lost it. At least i know i can be good! That’s a step in the right direction. And since Daddy reads what i write let’s hope Daddy is to darn busy, forgets i wrote anything. If He doesn’t ask, i shouldn’t have to tell. We need this as a new policy! Hope Daddy will go for it, but highly unlikely.


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