How to treat your babygirl💖

So, you decided that a babygirl is for you. Congratulations on the best choice! babygirls are a lot of fun, but can be complicated. Here is a guide on how to help your relationship with your sweet babygirl. I hope you are paying attention:

1. Give in to your babygirl, whatever she wants, she should have it. So to be a good Daddy, give her all she wants, no limits. Let her have her way. Reward her for good service, and when she’s being a brat, even throwing a tantrum. Do all you can to keep her happy , at all times.

2. No discipline.  She doesn’t need no stinkin discipline. No matter how she acts out, is disrespectful,forgets rules or protocol, is just plain bratty or being naughty, there should be NO  discipline. You want your babygirl to want you don’t you? Well then, be nice to her, let her have her way.

3. Let her use excuses for her behavior. This will instill a sense of she has you wrapped around her little finger, now how adorable is that!

4. Your babygirl has limits, so don’t push them. There is really no need for personal growth. If she has the need to learn more , maybe she will talk you then. Her limits are her limits, who do you think you are? A good Daddy will let her be, and realize after she was potty trained that is as far as she  will go.

5. Let the babygirl be a bad example. If she has no desire to change, then who are you to get in her way or stop her.

6. Let your babygirl do as she pleases. If she doesn’t like the gym, she shouldn’t have to go. If she wants fast food, pop, junk food let her have all she wants.

7. Don’t get mad if babygirl hides toys on you. She may have a good reason to do so. Like they hurt, or you won’t take no for an answer. Remember who is the most important in the relationship, its the babygirl.

8. Lol, all the above rules are false, do the opposite. If you don’t you will be letting that adorable babygirl rule the world, your world. Give any babygirl an inch, they will take a mile. They are sneaky, self serving, selfish, cant be trusted, they will always try to get their way, hope your guard is down. Be prepared, just like a boy scout, only not. Always be two steps ahead of your babygirl, and if you find that you need a night off just to relax, gather your thoughts, and regroup then you are doing great. They are a lot of work, and worth every effort.

Good luck, may the force be with you.

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