Him,me, and the other thing

So many moments, which one is my favorite… That takes much thought, as He entices my mind with excitement in several ways, for nearly 5 months. My Daddy, has to deal with a stubborn, bratty babygirl.  He makes it look so easy.

A recent convo with Daddy.

Dd: ” babygirl, where is Daddy’s belt?”

Bg: ” Daddy, i forget”

Dd: ” Are you sure you forgot?”

Bg: ” uh huh!”  (smiling at Daddy)

Dd: ” babygirl, are you telling me the truth?”

Bg: ” about what thing Daddy?”

Dd: ” you know exactly what I’m talking about , don’t you?”

Bg: ( giggles)  ” yes Daddy!”

Dd: ” where is it babygirl?”

Bg: ” Daddy there were burglars, and all they took was that mean belt, that hurts my ass”

Dd: ” are you sure about that babygirl?”
( starring her down)

Bg:  ” no Daddy, i hid it in a drawer”

Dd:  “which one?”

Bg: ” middle drawer Daddy”

Dd: ” babygirl ,it better be there next time i see you”

Bg: ” but Daddy” ( pouting)

Dd: ” no babygirl, my way, not yours”

Bg: ” yes Daddy”


2 thoughts on “Him,me, and the other thing

  1. miss agatha armstrong says:

    I read this while working – to brilliant, just too funny x

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