Nature of the Beast

So, how do i  just say the things that are on my mind, bothering me, or just plain scare me? I don’t know how to process it all, so then i really don’t know how to tell it ,since i cannot internalize it. But to not hear me, really hear me. Makes me feel unwanted for the moment. Then you show me a glimpse of the real you.

When i come to you, it’s because you are the one i trust. I don’t know that i need problems solved, as i am aware you are human and not the great Oz. Oh yeah, he was only a mere man as well, and could only give his humble advise, as you do with me.

When you lose your patience with me, is when my world does collapse, i feel i have failed you, and maybe you have regret. Which i hope is not true. I only want to make you happy.

I know you are a mortal man, with limitations. You cannot keep me from sickness, disease, acts of god, completely safe in such a scared world.

What you give me is strength, your strength. No one has taught me that before. I notice with you, i must face my demons, the world, and my enemies. You are a great teacher, Master, Daddy, and protector, my teddy bear, my life guide. I love being yours, as some days are harder then others. I need you, always. Never forget that.


5 thoughts on “Nature of the Beast

  1. miss agatha armstrong says:

    Beautiful girl x

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